Ever since its founding in 1958 by Robert Welch, The John Birch Society has been dedicated to restoring and preserving freedom under the United States Constitution.

The motto of The John Birch Society is: ‘Less government, more responsibility, and – with God’s help – a better world.’ To find out more, visit The John Birch Society at http://www.jbs.org.

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14 Comments on “About”

  1. Pat Allred says:

    I don’t know how I drifted away from the Society, but I’m happy to be back! When we have an America-hating Administration in D. C., I suspect many will be returning. With Bush, Sr., the Republican Party left me–the Democrat one having done so years earlier–so for twenty years now I have been a harsh critic of both! I supported Ross Perot and Pat Buchanan, and I am currently a registered Constitution Party Member–a group with almost identical goals and objectives as do we.
    I blog at teapartyorg.ning.com, and I promote the thought that we must think outside the two established Parties. Both are “owned” by the same criminals, and election of either Party Candidate is a certain continuation of the decline of our Christian, Constitutional Republic and the freedom that goes along with that concept. I believe that unless and until we actually elect some decent, moral, Christian, ethical people to public office will we see a change in the status-quo. As evidenced by Holder, et. al., there is not going to be an effective law-enforcement effort until a different mindset is imposed upon OUR government–an entity that has become a self-serving organization totally aloof and disassociated of/from we, the people! That is, except at election time, and then, we, the people, are called names if we demand honest, moral, Christian people be elected to public office!
    We are, therefore, a clear and present threat to the continuation of the criminal enterprise–a situation that Barack Hussein Obama will not tolerate if/when he is re-elected! Maybe his re-election is God’s Will! Maybe that is what is required to awaken those who are ignorant and who take our freedom for granted! As for me, just as I have done for more than twenty years now, I will vote for a third-party candidate–Virgil Goode! I am certain you are familiar with him, and I hope we can establish a more-or-less formal arrangement between the Society and the Constitution Party. Add the Tea Parties and other Christian, patriotic, conservative groups, and we will become a viable, political force that will influence our grandchildrens’ futures! I hope, and I pray, you agree!
    If/when I figure out how to do it, I will establish a blog here, as well! And, again, it is good to be home!

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    • Norm Davis says:

      We really did a 3rd party with a Constitutional Platform. Thanks, Norm


      • Pat Allred says:

        Thanks, Norm. We must get all of we, like-minded, folks on the same page regardless of egos. One fact is certain–no one with an average i.q. can now misunderstand the fact that neither the Republican nor the Democrat Party represents we, the people! They are merely instruments of a criminal cartel which has gained control of many, if not most, State Governments, and it has “owned” our federal government at least since the Reagan Administration. Many, including me, work feverishly to re-establish our Constitutional Republic without bloodshed. I pray to God we can accomplish that!


    • dallassteve says:

      I like…I would say your way of thinking, but your ability to see reality seems more accurate. I have never had a blog but I have read many and posted my views, opinions and my message of unity many times in may places. I have been trying to figure out how, where to make my messages visible to more people. I believe the power of “We the People” lies in knowledge and above all, unity. I believe unity is the #1 target in the sights of the largest criminal organization ever witnessed by modern society. Law enforcement, including all levels of courts, all levels of government, even the department of homeland security ignores domestic terrorism on a daily basis. The terrorists I am referring to are those who throw fuel onto a blazing fire that should have burned out decades ago. As this fire rages on, it has come to be so powerful and so efficient at keeping our “house” divided as it is feeds on the artificial fuel derived from the ignorance of those who glorify the flames believing what they seek will be found in the ashes. Now, by the time the flames burn out, and they realize that what they were seeking has become the ashes, it will be too late. Too late for them, too late for their children, Too late for everyone. Our “house” will have already fallen. The power of knowledge can save us if the knowledge can be distributed in time. The blazing fire is racism which is currently being exaggerated and distorted far beyond reality. The terrorists are, beginning with the most powerful, the media. Their selective reporting is more than just trying to get top headlines. As major tension builds over an issue in which possible racism is a concern, I have seen them sit on details which clearly dismissed race as a factor, thereby allowing continued speculation to lead to the development of a major conflict which resulted in an act of terrorism. Just like that, they now have their big headline as opposed to the everyday run of the mill news report they would have had if they had provided a complete news report including all of the details they sat on for over a week. That may not be an act of terrorism itself, but it goes beyond irresponsible reporting. For every evil action, someone suffers a loss and these days, more times than not, someone else gains. Did homeland security make an arrest for the threat of or the actual committing of this act of terrorism? No. Did they know about it? Just as sure as you, I or the 2 whitehouse staffers who went to Michael Brown’s Funeral. Yeah, I’m kinda log-winded sometimes.

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    • words of wisdom Iv’e just come across this site. An excellent endeavor. I will certainly subscribe. The criminal elements in our society beware. as it’s all out in the open now. we must get the 80% of the population that through lack of interest, just don’t understand the issues threatening our planet. please have a look, educate yourself


  2. Jim Klippert says:

    Joined the JBS in 1966, live in most liberal state in the union Hawaii. There else would I live, I do enjoy JBS and it is the one constant other The Lord, that helped keep this country keep its freedom and liberties. Will evil win, eternally no, but we responsible for leaving our kids and grand kids a country where freedom still prevails. God bless Amercia and the JBS.

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  3. Daniel Tompkins says:

    I am very pro Patrick Buchanan and especially Sarah Palin, I want to know how the society would view a Vice President Sarah Palin with Donald Trump? Please contact me I’ve been a member before and support Constitutional government. Please share with me your views of Sarah Palin as VP with Trump or who you see would be best?


  4. Mark Twane says:

    When Hillary is Coronated Queen Nov.’16 from a electronically-rigged landslide election, immediately after Trump’s very public assassination Prior To the election by a Felon whoze prison sentence commuted by amareka’s 1st Marxist-Muslim president… would somebody Please send to me a Sausage Biscuit from B-K to whatever Re-education camp I am remanded? THNX


  5. Jim says:

    When is the annual meeting? Ron Paul induced me to attend some years back and I should have continued active support. JBS was years ahead of its time, or the populuce was years behind in seeing JBS issues.

    To bad you often have to be old to see the big picture.


  6. David Parker says:

    I quote from Gary North’s Specific Answers from today, Jan 20, 2017:

    “Taylor Caldwell was one of the most popular American novelists for 30 years, 1940-1972. She is almost forgotten today.

    She was also a hard-core conservative, a member of the John Birch Society.

    Sadly, the JBS has never spent the minimal amount of money that it would cost to convert all of the old issues of American Opinion into PDF files, and then post the files online. I have never understood why the leadership of the JBS has chosen to bury one of the most effective magazines in the history of the conservative movement. But it has. This is why I cannot document what I am about to write.

    Sometime in the late 1960’s, she wrote an article for American Opinion on the leadership of American conservatism. She had in mind mainly the authors who wrote for William F. Buckley’s National Review. She lamented that a large percentage of them had spent their early adult lives as communists and hard-core leftists. She was not just whistling Dixie. They really were. James Burnham was the most famous of them, but there were a lot of them.

    She made the point that she had been a conservative all of her life. She thought it was strange that the intellectual leadership in what was by then a growing conservative political movement was made up of ex-leftists. She did not trust them. She thought they carried too much baggage, intellectually speaking, from their youth.

    I was fortunate. I came into the conservative movement in 1956. National Review had been published for about a year, and it was only in 1956 that The Freeman began to be published. I started reading The Freeman sometime around 1957. That helped to immunize me against the visions of the American Empire. ”

    I volunteer to digitize all the American Opinion magazines for the John Birch Society.

    David Parker
    360 623-0303


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