Happy New Year!

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As the new year approaches, we often make those little things we call new years resolutions. Sometimes we keep/accomplish them, and sometimes we don’t. Did you accomplish all your resolutions from last year? We would also like to hear some of your new ones, so leave us a comment with your resolution!

So, Happy New Year from all of us at The John Birch Society!  We hope everyone has a safe, fun-filled night, and we also hope that next year we do even more good and make even more impact on our country than we did this year.

Meet JBS Regional Field Director Bliss Tew

Bliss Tew joined The John Birch Society in 1991.  He has been a volunteer JBS chapter leader and a volunteer JBS Section Leader. In 1998, Bliss was hired as a JBS State Coordinator for Utah and parts of Wyoming and Nevada.  He was later promoted to the position of Western Regional Field Director for eleven western states.

Bliss graduated from Utah State University in 1978. Prior to his service with JBS he owned an investment company which he still owns with his siblings (Tew by 4, Limited Liability Company) and had spent 8-years in hospital sales with a sales territory covering 5-states. He makes his home in Orem, is married and has three children.

In his free time, Bliss likes to cook and family members particularly enjoy his spaghetti and meatballs. He also reads and enjoys conversations on Facebook. Bliss and his family have an African Grey parrot named Rufus who sits on the back of Bliss’ chair when he’s working in his home office. You might hear the parrot talking if you phone Bliss. Bliss enjoys horseback riding and for 15 years owned quarter horses which he rode in mountains and deserts of Utah and Colorado during camp outs, hunting for elk and mule deer, or just exploring.

Bliss has three children and four grandchildren. His only son is soon to be commissioned a 2nd Lt. in the U.S. Army and previously experienced deployments to Kuwait and Iraq. His oldest daughter is a hair-dresser and youngest just graduated from high school. Bliss’ wife works in a local court room for a company that helps people to comply with various court orders.

Merry Christmas!

Just a reminder to please send your favorite Christmas photo to webmaster@jbs.org by January 1, 2012 for a chance to win a special prize! 🙂

We hope you ALL had an AMAZING Christmas and were able to spend quality time with your friends and family!

Merry Christmas!

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Most of us are going to be out of the office tomorrow so we can go see our families for Christmas, so we wanted to take today to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a great holiday, no matter where you are or what you are doing! We also want to see all your family Christmas pictures! So email your pictures to us before January 1, 2012 and our favorite picture will win something special!

Have a very Merry Christmas! And don’t forget to email your picture! You can email it to webmaster@jbs.org 🙂

Office Christmas Party

Last Friday was our office Christmas party, with games and contests, and best of all, a white elephant gift exchange! We had a lot of fun, and there were some interesting gifts! Our rules were: each gift was placed on a table, then numbered. Every person drew a number, and had one (1) minute to open the gift with the corresponding number. Once you opened the gift you had the option to trade or keep, but in order to trade the gift you had to get up and get the one you wanted, and give the person you were trading with your gift and box, all in the one (1) minute time span!
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Meet JBS Regional Field Director Dan Sexson

Dan Sexson is a Regional Field Director for JBS, supervising coordinators in the Southeast area of the US. He joined the field staff as a Field Coordinator in September of 1990 for the states of Kansas and Missouri. He is thankful for the caliber of the people he is privileged to work with. He is also thankful for the great patriots he has met during his years on the field staff of the JBS, and looks forward to meeting many more. Dan feels the highlight of the work is being able to shake the hand and welcome new members.

Dan moved into an apartment in Riverside, MO in September 1990, and that apartment was above the apartment of his future mother-in-law, who introduced him to her daughter Jannette in February of ’91. They were married in September of ’91. Thanks to his appointment as Field Coordinator, he is now happily married.

Dan enjoys hunting with his sons, and watching his daughter and sons perform in whatever activity they enjoy. Dan and Jannette are involved in their local church and have as a family and as individuals, (sons and daughter included) participated in many mission trips. Dan studied theatre at Nebraska – Wesleyan University in Lincoln, NE, and Film and Television Production and Direction at CBN (now Regent) University in Virginia Beach, VA.

Fun Fact: Dan is thankful for having been raised on a farm and believes every one should have that experience.

Meet JBS Administrative Assistant Kris Hauser

Kris HauserAdministrative assistant Kristine Hauser works with executive assistant Julie Smith. She is married to a wonderful man named William and between them they have five children. Their children range in age from 9 years old to 29 years old. The oldest child is married and has two children, Kris and William’s lovely grandchildren. Kris loves to spending time with her family; they are so special and important to her. She also likes to take walks, listen to good music, watch good movies, learn about history, and participate in her church.

She first started working for JBS about 10 years ago and worked at headquarters for three years. After raising her children for many years, she was rehired and has been working here again since April. Kris is so happy to be part of this wonderful organization once again, as she missed the people and what the organization stands for. Right now Kris calls our donors and thanks them, which is truly important, because without their generosity and support we wouldn’t be able to do all that is needed to do to educate people as to what really is happening in the world.

Fun Fact: her interests include baseball first and foremost. And, her favorite team, of course, is The Milwaukee Brewers. But she also enjoy football, which has to be the Green Bay Packers.

Occupy and JBS

Yesterday we had a young man come into the office with some questions about what we do and what our stance is on the Occupy movement. (For new visitors, we would just like you to know that JBS is a not-for-profit educational organization that organizes concerned Americans to help accomplish less government, more responsibility, and—with God’s help—a better world. JBS educates others on the problems that face Americans and the constitutional solutions that will help restore prosperity for all.) The Occupy movement started with Occupy Wall Street in New York City and has been replicated across America in many large cities. It is supposed to be a stance against social and economic inequality, with many of their proposed solutions not looking to the individual, but to the collective masses. You’ll find many slogans and signs pushing communism, socialism and anarchy at their rallies.

This gentleman yesterday was no different. We did manage to find some common ground during the conversation, but his wild views and loud and exasperated manner only managed to get him frustrated and he left as quickly as he arrived.

Little does he know that much of what he sees as injustices today can be cured through the simple fix that JBS offers: less government and more responsibility.

It was an interesting time, to say the least!


We apologize for not blogging today. Things have been really crazy around the office. We have something for you tomorrow though! 🙂

Meet Sr. Executive Assistant Julie Smith

Julie Smith has worked for JBS for 15 years.  Julie started out working in the Membership Department doing data entry.  She was then promoted to the position of Assistant to the VP, then Director of Field Support.  She also worked as the Director of the Speaker’s Bureau for a couple of years.  In 2005, with the change in leadership, she became Art Thompson’s Executive Assistant.  Julie says when she was interviewed for the job, what struck her the most was how passionate her interviewers were about the organization.   It was very evident to her that they really believed in mission of the JBS and that is what made her want to work here too!  Julie is so happy to be working at JBS and really, truly enjoys her coworkers (But then again who wouldn’t love us?!?!, I can answer that too, NOT MANY) and agrees we’re a GREAT group of people to work with!

Julie is married to a wonderful husband and together they have 5 children and 3 grandchildren.  She enjoys spending time with my family and friends, and likes to entertain in their home.  They are very involved in their local church, being ushers and small group leaders there.

Fun Fact: Julie’s favorite thing to do is play volleyball.  She has a group of friends that she plays with and they have an outdoor court (use weather permitting).  Some of their best games have been in the rain (mud holes are great) and snow (although the ball gets really hard!)

You tell us if she looks like a volleyball player?