John F. McManus to Speak (If he can get out of the snow!)

Even with all the snow on the East Coast, JBS President John F. McManus is determined to speak at The Machine Shed Restaurant to the Fox Valley Conservative Forum tomorrow, November 1. The topic he is speaking on is: Betrayal of the Constitution—An Exposé of the Neo-Conservative Agenda. Mr. McManus will be visiting headquarters for a few days.

Meet JBS Chief Operations Officer Clark Curry

Clark Curry is the COO of The John Birch Society, but also the President of Curry Insurance in Oklahoma. Clark joined The John Birch Society as a member in 1974. He travels to Wisconsin almost every week to work in the headquarters office from Monday to Wednesday. He earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Central State College in Edmond, Oklahoma, and entered the insurance business soon after. He was appointed COO in 2010, and serves on the Executive Committee.
A little about his personal life: Clark and his wife, Janis, have been married for 43 years and have two children and six grandchildren. Clark and his wife like to travel, and have visited 49 of the 50 state capitols. (Which one haven’t they visited?) And, if you’re ever in Wewoka, OK for the Wewoka Sorghum Festival, there’s a good possibility you’ll run into Clark, or at least some of his relatives because they always cook the molasses for the festival.

Fun fact: Clark loves birdwatching, and is an avid Cardinals fan, so he was ecstatic when the Cardinals made it into the World Series.

Choose Freedom- Stop Agenda 21 with Christian Gomez

On a day to day basis, JBS staff members have many different projects, campaigns, and items they work on, some of them all at once! (or so it seems). We usually have more than one campaign going at once, giving our members as many options as possible to pass on to fellow members or even members in their communities. One of our more recent campaigns has been SYLP. But, one that is not as well know is: “Choose Freedom – Stop Agenda 21.” Agenda 21 is a international agenda from sustainable development organizations who are determined to ration what we do, use, and have; including and not limited to: children, water, and energy.
One of our staff members, Christian Gomez (research associate), has been working extremely hard on this campaign, trying to raise awareness through items such as articles for The New American magazine and pamphlets for our members to distribute. He has been the cornerstone of this campaign so far, often staying way past office hours or working from home to make this campaign the best it can be. Check it out at our Stop Agenda 21 page.

Christian Gomez and Agenda 21

FreedomProject Education – Now has Middle School

On October 18th FreedomProject Education began class registration for the 9th – 12th grade winter session and introduced the 6th – 8th grade curriculum, which will begin January 30th.

FreedomProject Education, established in 2006, is the educational arm of the American Opinion Foundation. FreedomProject’s mission is to provide a classical education in the tradition of America’s Founders using the most current technology.

FreedomProject Education is incorporating the newest technology in education, Blackboard Collaborate, which allows students and professors to interact through web conferencing. This new technology allows students and teachers the opportunity to interact with one another from any location across the globe. Their interactive approach provides lessons through Moodle, an online learning management system. A block style learning approach helps students focus on a limited number of subjects. 

Take a peek at this new educational venture by visiting

What’s going on at Headquarters?

This week we have a familiar yet infrequent face at headquarters. Bill Jasper, senior editor for The New American, is here visiting from Idaho. He’s here to present on our new campaign – “Support Your Local Police and Keep Them Independent” and about The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC.) He spoke at the Machine Shed Restaurant yesterday (Tuesday) and is making new videos for the campaign. It’s been a pleasure seeing him around the office, and for the new staff members to finally be able to meet him. We’re excited to show off his new videos (coming soon!) and to help him promote our campaign. He’s written many articles on it for The New American magazine, you can read a couple of them here and here. You can learn more about SYLP campaign on our website at:

Bill Jasper

Bill Jasper discussing SYLP and the SPLC in Reno

Support Your Local Police and Keep Them Independent

Support Your Local Police and Keep Them Independent is our oldest and most successful campaign and we are RE-LAUNCHING it! We have been committed to this campaign since the mid-1960s. We were successful in stopping Police Civilian Review Boards in the 1960s and 70s and in getting the federal government’s Law Enforcement Assistance Administration abolished in 1982. Today, more than ever, we need grassroots activists to continue working to keep our local police under the supervision of local elected officials and free from state and federal control.
There has been a lot of work and dedication put into this campaign. Our amazing art director Joe, and graphic designer Billy, updated the logo for this campaign. They have designed some awesome bumper stickers, window clings, and banners for this campaign. Bill Jasper, senior editor and writer for The New American magazine, is making videos for the campaign. Headquarters has sent out information on this campaign to every police chief and sheriff in the nation, and soon people like Jim Fitzgerald, a former police officer from New Jersey and JBS Director of Field Staff, will be traveling the nation to speak to police everywhere.
Please go to, to learn more and help us keep our police departments from becoming nationalized.

Joe holding our bumper sticker

Joe, our art director, holding the updated design on a bumper sticker for SYLP.

Meet JBS CEO Arthur Thompson

Arthur R. Thompson was born in Seattle, Washington. He attended the University of Washington, the Washington Military Academy and other business related institutions, before going into business for himself.

Mr. Thompson joined the Society in May 1964 and rose through the ranks becoming a successful Area Coordinator for The John Birch Society in the 1970s. He left the staff to go back into business in 1981 and returned to the staff again in the 1990s.

Art has held virtually every volunteer and staff position in the Society, including National Director of Development and Communications and National Director of Field Activities. For several years, he represented the Society in a variety of media events, including appearing on “60 Minutes” and conducting tours for JBS Speakers Bureau.

Beyond serving The John Birch Society, Mr. Thompson also served as an officer in the Select Reserve Force of the Army and National Guard.

To learn more about Arthur Thompson, please click here.

FUN FACT: He enjoys chocolate and carmel turtles, yum!