Charlotte, NC Council Dinner Large Success


Members and supporters were out in full force in Charlotte, NC over the weekend at the JBS Council Dinner and Educational Sessions. More than 160+ attended the educational festivities, drawing people from all over the U.S. The bulk of the crowd came from the Carolinas and had a great mix of young and seasoned members and supporters.

Great synergy filled the air during the educational sessions in the afternoon. JBS President John McManus discussed past heroes of JBS, who, in their own way, greatly contributed to the cause of Americanism. These include Major Pedro Diaz Lanz, Delmar Dennis, Julia Brown, George Schuyler, Congressman Larry McDonald, Lolla Bell Holmes, Taylor Caldwell, Robert Welch and John Birch.

Charlie Meadows, long-time Bircher and founder/President of Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee (OCPAC), relayed the importance of understanding the role of state legislatures in the check and balance process and knowing your role in keeping them educated and accountable. His advice was to build relationships with state and local leaders. Much of the reason why Oklahoma went from a blue state to a solid red state in 20 years is due to the education and accountability efforts of OCPAC.

Alan Scholl of AOF gave plenty of examples of how the American public education system has an anti-Christian agenda and allows for the rewriting of history through Common Core standards. He quoted George Washington as saying that no greater need exists than to teach children the heritage of our country to preserve liberty.

He discussed the great numbers FPE is seeing in the enrollment of the online classical educational school (357 students online and 322 class attending adults, both on-campus and online) for this year. He disclosed that FPE was awarded the School Choice Leadership Award for 2013.

Dr. Robert Henderson spoke of the blessings and hurdles of establishing a business designed to help improve the health of people and animals all over the world. His company, Nutramax, provides top quality supplements related to joint, breast, prostate and colon health. He pointed out that federally regulated prescription drugs have killed about 3 million Americans in the last 27 years, but supplements have not killed anyone, making prescription drugs 16,400% more deadly than terrorists.

That evening during the Council Dinner, Dr. Duke Pesta and JBS CEO Arthur Thompson held the attention of the audience with their riveting speeches. Dr. Pesta discussed FPE’s Common Core battle and Mr. Thompson also touched on Common Core before diving into the topic of foreign entanglements. He talked about the importance of protecting American businesses, jobs, and workers by preserving sovereignty through avoiding foreign entanglements, including stopping all efforts to create free trade agreements. He explained that the agreements turn free trade into heavily government regulated trade encompassing a wide range of subjects beyond trade, such as healthcare, military, energy and sustainability. He touched on recent JBS successes and pointed out that no other organization is able to do what JBS does.

Many new friends were made, and many new members joined. If you’re not a member, consider it today!