Gored Again By Dishonest Al

Gored Again By Dishonest Al
by JBS President Emeritus John F. McManus

The moniker “Bulldog” fits Marc Morano perfectly. He’s the founder and executive director of ClimateDepot.com, a website sponsored by the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT). In that role, he has traveled the nation attending advance screenings of Al Gore’s new film An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power. Morano specializes in debunking the Gore claims made 11 years ago in the global warming champion’s earlier film, An Inconvenient Truth. Morano points out numerous fallacies in the first production while suggesting that the current film is loaded with the same type of misinformation. He has already dubbed the new film pure “bunk.”

A climate realist not a climate sensationalist, Morano claims that Gore’s Sequel film is a self-centered ego trip, a diatribe riddled with more inaccuracies. For an example of Gore’s previous quackery, he asks Gore about the claim made in the 2006 film that the planet would reach a “point of no return” in a decade. That decade has passed and the planet is still functioning quite well.

A 2006 prediction that hasn’t materialized saw Gore insist that Africa’s Mount Kilimanjaro’s snow cap would disappear within a decade. Now that the decade has passed and snow is still there, the obvious conclusion is that warming has never happened or has been minimally insignificant.

Gore won a Nobel Prize for his earlier film, a choice that should have left the prize committee red-faced. Now a wealthy man as a result of his misguided campaign, the former Tennessee senator assured viewers in his decade-old Inconvenient Truth that the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey and New York could be traced to global warming. Not true, according to many scientists. Same for the destructiveness resulting from Hurricane Katrina on the Gulf Coast. Saner commentators have concluded that global warming didn’t cause these storms, and won’t lead to more storms in the future. In fact, according to a 2013 report issued by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the decade since 2006 has seen fewer destructive hurricanes, not more.

In his new film, Gore never mentions pocketing millions through contacts he has gained as a result of his propaganda. A firm he co-founded, Generation Investment Management, invested in Elon Musk’s SolarCity. By 2013, the former U.S. Vice President held an $80 million stake in SolarCity while it consumed billions in taxpayer-funded subsidies. But it still went belly up. Did that hurt the famous champion of global warming and foe of carbon dioxide? Of course not. His Solar City stock got converted into shares in Elon Musk’s Tesla.

If, during all of his crusading for cleaner air and stable temperatures, Gore achieved multi-millionaire status honorably (no subsidies and nothing but honesty), no one should complain. But he amassed wealth at taxpayer expense along with dishonest claims crafted to bring in the moolah. And he has done so with no mention of the fact that top UN environmental officials have openly admitted that their goal in promoting the global warming scam is to lead mankind into UN-led socialism and redistribution of the world’s wealth.

Congratulations to Marc Morano for his increasingly successful efforts in combatting Gore and his allies. They are misleading the American people while promoting unadulterated “bunk.”

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McManus_2Mr. McManus served in the U.S. Marine Corps in the late 1950s and joined the staff of The John Birch Society in August 1966. He has served various roles for the organization including Field Coordinator, Director of Public Affairs, and President. Mr. McManus has appeared on hundreds of radio and television programs and is also author of a number of educational DVDs and books. Now President Emeritus, he continues his involvement with the Society through public speaking and writing for this blog, the JBS Bulletin, and The New American.

One Comment on “Gored Again By Dishonest Al”

  1. Frank M Pelteson says:

    During a wait in an airport, I encountered a man who tried to lure me into investing in a scheme of his that purportedly used a special carburetor of his to make cars emit a clean exhaust, When I said to him that the polar icecap on Mars recedes while there are no cars on Mars, he gulped and turned away from me.


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