Laws Governing Immigration Don’t Work — When They’re Not Enforced

Laws Governing Immigration Don’t Work — When They’re Not Enforced
by JBS President John F. McManus

Over recent years, legislation and policy dealing with immigration into the U.S. aren’t doing the job. Many laws are being ignored, others are working in ways contrary to their intent, and some that aren’t even laws (e.g., executive orders) have the effect of increasing the number of border crossers.

The U.S. Constitution mentions the word “invasion” twice. Article IV, Section 4 mandates: “The United States … shall protect each of them [the states] against invasion.” Article I, Section 8, Paragraph 15 places on Congress the responsibility to “call forth the militia … repel invasions.” Neither of these portions of the Constitution uses the word “military” as a qualifier for invasion. Neither is being employed to stem what amounts to an invasion.

During recent years, upwards of 20 million persons have crossed our southern border with the intention of staying here. Is that not an “invasion”? Millions of these individuals have been provided housing, welfare, medical care and education. No other nation in history has been so kind to invaders. And, as evidence clearly shows, some of the border crossers are drug traffickers, and others have committed rape, robbery, mayhem and even murder. Jails in the southwest are overflowing with criminals who aren’t even citizens.

Plenty of headlines today point to the current wave of children seeking entry, a new category of invaders. Does anyone even ask how these youngsters, many unaccompanied by any adults, arrived at the border from Guatemala, Honduras and Costa Rica? They certainly didn’t walk from their homes through hundreds of miles in Mexico before reaching the Rio Grande. It’s obvious that help was provided and the children are being used to further erode our nation’s immigration policy.

On June 15, 2012, President Obama did his bit to weaken immigration restrictions with an executive order now known as “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).” It directed agencies tasked with policing the border to use “prosecutorial discretion” in its enforcement actions. In other words, “Look the other way if you see illegal entrants that are children, or with children.” Critics have labeled DACA “a path to amnesty” which it surely appears to be. The effect of this unconstitutional use of executive power has actually encouraged more to enter our country.

No one can doubt that immigrants overall have contributed significantly to making America productive and strong. Nor can there be assurance that past procedures were problem-free. But the penniless entrants of years gone by came into the U.S. legally. They got in line, secured qualified admittance, and eventually won citizenship. Private agencies, mostly backed by religious groups, took care of many of the new arrivals. Allowing today’s millions of illegal entrants to bypass the previous process for entry into the U.S. denigrates the worth of properly gained citizenship achieved by millions. But that is not the only problem.

Many of today’s illegal immigrants have found jobs, worked hard, obeyed laws, and moved toward assimilation. But, with little or no understanding of America’s foundations, even they threaten to alter the cultural and political basis of our country. Each massive wave of immigration throughout history has led to fundamental change.

Beginning around 370 A.D., for instance, Emperor Valens opened the gates of the Roman Empire and allowed entry to Germanic Goths and Visigoths. He did so to obtain recruits for his army and a source of cheap labor. Only a decade after the gates had come down, those immigrants began a war against the Roman legions in the provinces and it eventually reached Rome itself. In short order, the Roman army was decimated, the Goths sacked Rome, and the Roman Empire collapsed.

Even though there are some militants among the illegals here, there is little likelihood that any military uprising that could duplicate what the Goths did to Rome. But changing the country can be accomplished with leadership supplied by liberals and leftists who can’t be unaware of the dangerous policies and programs they are supporting, including the extremely deficient educational system given to all of America’s youngsters.

There are more than enough laws on the books to put an end to the immigration crisis. What’s needed is a determination to use them, properly and humanely. That’s what swearing an oath to the U.S. Constitution should mean.

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14 Comments on “Laws Governing Immigration Don’t Work — When They’re Not Enforced”

  1. To: William Norman Grigg, why don’t you grow up! You are still throwing a “temper tantrum”. Go somewhere else to vent your anger. You had your chance. You have no one to blame but yourself. Get over it.


  2. Fank M. Pelteson says:

    Mr. Grigg used to be a friend of mine. He wrote that wonderful 1998 “The New American” article, titled “Lessons from the Holocaust,” See , in which he mentions me. I greatly admired his book “Freedom on the Altar,” and I use it frequently as a reference regarding the Gramscian Culture War.

    I have no knowledge of why Mr. Grigg parted the ways with the The John Birch Society, which I greatly admire and feel loyalty toward. I also admire Mr. Grigg’s acumen and literary style.

    I have always felt that Mr. Grigg and the The JBS are brothers in arms and should bury the hatchet, so that we can all work together to expose the INSIDERS.

    I think the INSIDERS must be delighted to see this internecine conflict. It must be comforting to them.


    • Charles says:

      Mr. Grigg is sending you a message that you have your head in the sand and that you have fallen victim to Federal control of the state police powers.


  3. Scott says:

    What did Mr. Grigg say that provoked such vituperation from Mr. Logan?


    • I have no patience or time for anyone that takes away from the Society’s efforts. Me and my wife have been a member since 1968. I have no time or patience with “infighting”. We have got to keep our eyes on the ball. I am 81 years young and I don’t have too many years left and I hate to see such childishness in the fight for America.


      • insidejbs says:

        What Mr. Grigg describes is a paragraph from the manual under the “Approaching your local police” section, page 11. In setting up a relationship with local police chiefs and sheriffs, it’s important to begin by meeting them where they are at. Begin the relationship and education process not by using vinegar, rather honey. That certainly does not mean supporting militarized police. The purpose of the action campaign is to stop the federal entanglements from happening and unraveling those that exist. The rest of the handbook explains this. Here is a direct download link to it or go to the action project page and look for “Support Your Local Police Startup Manual PDF”.


      • insidejbs says:

        Realize that the start-up manual is just that: how to organize a local committee to help educate community leaders. You’ll find the answers to your questions in our other SYLP materials and articles from The New American, especially those under the Tell Others column at the action project page (Sheriffs & Legislators Are Nullifying Obama Gun Controls by William Jasper).


  4. Scott says:

    I am a former New American subscriber. I’m curious what causes such vituperation from Mr. Logan toward Mr. Grigg.


    • Fank M. Pelteson says:

      Why is Scott a FORMER New American Subscriber? Can’t he stand the truth? If he can’t stand the heat, let him get out of the kitchen. As for Mr. Logan’s righteous outrage, he is fully justified in saying what he said, because he is a committed Bircher. More power to him…


  5. Warren L. McFerran says:

    Tom Eddlem’s article, referenced by Mr. Grigg, is constitutionally sound. But it must be noted that the Federal Government conquered the sovereign States many years ago and robbed them of their powers. The Federal Government now refuses to allow the States to defend themselves from foreign invaders, and insists that it alone possesses that power. But its attempts to control the borders are utter failures and are really aimed at enslaving the American people. Regarding Jack’s article, I would point out that invasion appears eleswhere in the Constitution, where that Constitution states that no State individually can wage war, unless it is actually invaded. If a State is invaded, and the Federal Government fails to stop the invasion, then a State can constitutionally raise an army, navy, and air force, and wage war against the invaders. And yes, what we are experiencing today is a genuine invasion.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. scamp1776 says:

    I believe in Secure and Open borders… if the Border was controlled there would be no acceptance of a 100 mile zone of interior checkpoints — of course if Americans were to shoot up those checkpoints they would not exist either… we are facing not immigration but rather invasion and I also believe the individuals border states should handle there own security. (Note: Michael Z. Williamson’s Novel “Freehold” has a great model for this type of ‘Border’)

    While I am a “Constitutionalist” I do, fully, recognize that the Anti-federalist were correct in their assessment that no chains (no matter how sincerely forged) could bind down evil and designing men in their lust for power… and with the Constitution being defunct for 101 years… Well, the States had better look to their own. I would say follow the example of Putin and call the bluff the paper-tiger that is the FedGov.


  7. Donald Kennedy says:

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