Arthur Thompson


When chatting with Arthur Thompson last week, some questions were asked concerning his choice of The John Birch Society as a place of employment as well as his hopes for the company.  We thought sharing his answers with you would help to provide a little inside perspective on who he is and possibly some inspiration about the future of our country and becoming active!

When asked why he chose The John Birch Society and why exactly he became a member, Mr. Thompson answered, “I found in it the only practical means by which we can save our constitution and the independence of the American people.  Initially, I was anti-communist; I understood the dangers of communism but not necessarily the dangers of collectivism in all of its forms.  It wasn’t until I became a member of The John Birch Society and learned of the dangers of collectivism from the wisdom of Robert Welch.  I remained a member and wanted to become a member of the staff of the Society to be able to more effectively fight what was happening to our country.  I realized only The John Birch Society due to its mission, structure, and dedication, could save this country.  After looking at a broad cross-section of other organizations that ostensibly had the same solution in mind, all fell short of understanding both the depth and breadth of the problem and solution.”

 By virtue of his membership in the society since May of 1964, Mr. Thompson has seen many victories as well as faced many obstacles.  When asked what his goals were for the company in the future he answered, “To grow to a size capable of defeating the forces that endanger the liberty of not only the American people, but the world.”  Finally, when asked in a joking manner any plans for retirement he said “That’s up to God…and the board of directors.” 

Becoming a member in 1964 and now the Chief Executive Officer of the Society, Mr. Thompson serves as an inspiration to aspiring activists.  We are at the cutting edge of liberty and tyranny and now would be the most prominent time to get active.  View his weekly videos for education you will not find anywhere else.  His videos can be found at The John Birch Society’s website or The John Birch Society’s channel on YouTube.


One Comment on “Arthur Thompson”

  1. Jim klippert says:

    He rocks been a member myself since 1966 finest people I have met have been Birchers


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