New Agenda 21 DVD Complete!

The John Birch Society has now released a new DVD, “Agenda 21: How Will it Affect You?”  This DVD will explore the agenda environmentalists have in store for you and your family.

This 20 minute DVD has received nothing but great reviews and offers a great introduction to Agenda 21 using the words and actions of those who are promoting this agenda.

Imagine if the government intentionally began rationing the use of water, electricity, natural gas and gasoline.  And now imagine that these policies came from your local government’s committee or department of “sustainability.”

This DVD is an excellent tool to use to educate new audiences and to generate interest in the “Choose Freedom, Stop Agenda 21” action project.

“Agenda 21: How Will It Affect You?” is available for viewers on YouTube and is available for purchase in the JBS store!

One Comment on “New Agenda 21 DVD Complete!”

  1. RightAngle says:

    As for Agenda 21, it is in effect a done deal. No amount of whining will stop it. Any pittance of resistance is/will be simply brushed off as a minor nuisence. Not unless/untill our current array of political control freaks are “removed” from office will it get the players attention. We are all being duped into watching a “shell game” as the real agenda is played out as we sleep. In the meantime so called concerned entities-citizens are on the FBI-CIA watch list as just another bunch of anarchist misfits. The good news is, is that the FBI-CIA folks are themselve’s dangerous (full of themselve’s) misfits. What no good self respecting junk yard dog would turn down a junk yard job? in the name of the bigger picture (junk yard). Like socialism it should have been nipped in the bud when it was an idea. The real first Amendment should have been
    the 2nd Amendment and then the 1st become the 2nd. As it is, they are both under assault.


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