Meet JBS Development Officer Dennis Falk

Development Officer Dennis Falk joined JBS December 1, 1964, after reading the book, “None Dare Call It Treason,” by John A. Stormer.  Dennis also attended chapter meetings for 6 months before joining.  He retired from The Seattle Police Departments in August 1986.  He began working for JBS as the Colorado Coordinator in November 1995.  Dennis is the National Development Officer for Alaska, Hawaii, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming.

Dennis and his wife Sharon live at Gig Harbor, Washington.

Fun Fact: They have two grown children.

2 Comments on “Meet JBS Development Officer Dennis Falk”

  1. Is a Development Officer the same thing as a Regional Field Director? I’m alittle curious about how the two differ in function… Sorry , Don’t mean to be a problem…

    Jim Eckland


  2. insidejbs says:

    Hey Jim,
    The RFDs (regional field directors) are in charge of different areas of the country in regards to coordinators (who are in charge of different, smaller areas), section leaders, and chapters & chapter leaders. There are three RFDs, 18 coordinators, and each coordinator has many section leaders and chapter leaders under them. They work to keep in contact with our members and governments. Our Development Officers work to get donations so JBS can continue its work.

    Hope that helps!


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