Meet JBS Director of Corporate Finance Jeff LeClaire

Jeff LeClaire has been working for JBS for over ten years and has been the CFO since October 2001.  Jeff truly enjoys golfing and all of us here at headquarters know it, and he is definitely a good person to get some golf tips from!  His lowest score is an 80 on a par 73.  He has been one over par on nine holes many times, but always seems to fall apart on the other nine.

Jeff ballroom dances usually once a week for both pleasure and exercise, but it’s more exercise than pleasure!   Occasionally he’ll help his dance partner teach her dance class or teach the class if she is out of town.  They occasionally put on dance demonstrations for nursing homes or assisted living complexes.  Jeff also play the guitar, sings, and occasionally writes music.  He sings in his church choir on a regular basis as he enjoys music which is a passion in his life. He loves attending Broadway musicals.  He’s been fortunate to see a number of them while his son was attending a performing arts school in New York City.

He has three children aged 35, 30, and 23.  He also has two grandchildren; a grandson(10) and a granddaughter (14 months).  He really enjoys spending time with both of them as they both live within 15 minutes from his home.  Jeff’s youngest son lives in Hollywood and is pursuing an entertainment career.  He will be touring throughout the country with the Broadway musical “The Book of Mormon” starting in July for two years.  He’s pursuing something that Jeff would have liked to do, but was too conservative and instead became an accountant to pay the bills.  To pay the bills he also prepares tax returns as a CPA which he has done for over 30 years.

FUN FACT: Jeff has a cat as a pet which he took in as a stray as he needed a good home.  They’ve learned to adjust to each other over the years as Jeff wasn’t much of a cat fancier.  His preference is a dog but he’s not home enough to take care of one so either it was a cat or an aquarium with fish.  A low maintenance pet works well for him.

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