Occupy and JBS

Yesterday we had a young man come into the office with some questions about what we do and what our stance is on the Occupy movement. (For new visitors, we would just like you to know that JBS is a not-for-profit educational organization that organizes concerned Americans to help accomplish less government, more responsibility, and—with God’s help—a better world. JBS educates others on the problems that face Americans and the constitutional solutions that will help restore prosperity for all.) The Occupy movement started with Occupy Wall Street in New York City and has been replicated across America in many large cities. It is supposed to be a stance against social and economic inequality, with many of their proposed solutions not looking to the individual, but to the collective masses. You’ll find many slogans and signs pushing communism, socialism and anarchy at their rallies.

This gentleman yesterday was no different. We did manage to find some common ground during the conversation, but his wild views and loud and exasperated manner only managed to get him frustrated and he left as quickly as he arrived.

Little does he know that much of what he sees as injustices today can be cured through the simple fix that JBS offers: less government and more responsibility.

It was an interesting time, to say the least!


We apologize for not blogging today. Things have been really crazy around the office. We have something for you tomorrow though! 🙂

Meet Sr. Executive Assistant Julie Smith

Julie Smith has worked for JBS for 15 years.  Julie started out working in the Membership Department doing data entry.  She was then promoted to the position of Assistant to the VP, then Director of Field Support.  She also worked as the Director of the Speaker’s Bureau for a couple of years.  In 2005, with the change in leadership, she became Art Thompson’s Executive Assistant.  Julie says when she was interviewed for the job, what struck her the most was how passionate her interviewers were about the organization.   It was very evident to her that they really believed in mission of the JBS and that is what made her want to work here too!  Julie is so happy to be working at JBS and really, truly enjoys her coworkers (But then again who wouldn’t love us?!?!, I can answer that too, NOT MANY) and agrees we’re a GREAT group of people to work with!

Julie is married to a wonderful husband and together they have 5 children and 3 grandchildren.  She enjoys spending time with my family and friends, and likes to entertain in their home.  They are very involved in their local church, being ushers and small group leaders there.

Fun Fact: Julie’s favorite thing to do is play volleyball.  She has a group of friends that she plays with and they have an outdoor court (use weather permitting).  Some of their best games have been in the rain (mud holes are great) and snow (although the ball gets really hard!)

You tell us if she looks like a volleyball player?

It’s Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Now that song is playing in your head, isn’t it? We’re getting into the Christmas spirit here in the office.  Now all we’re waiting on is feet of snow! Check out some of our decorations! Since we have “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas” in your head, why don’t you leave us a comment telling us your favorite Christmas song! Also, vote in our poll to tell us your favorite thing about Christmas!

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We Are Cheering Our Team To Victory, Go GREEN BAY PACKERS!

This is how we show our love for our football team. We are supporting our Green Bay Packers by dressing in our best green and gold apparel, cheering them on to what is hopefully another victory this Sunday in New York when they play the Giants. Besides just dressing in green and gold, we had a taco bar for lunch, where each employee brought something to contribute. We are hoping that our support will bring our team to 12-0 in New York!

What team are you rooting for this Sunday? Leave us a comment so we can see what team you support! Have a GREAT weekend 🙂

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