Meet JBS Regional Field Director Bliss Tew

Bliss Tew joined The John Birch Society in 1991.  He has been a volunteer JBS chapter leader and a volunteer JBS Section Leader. In 1998, Bliss was hired as a JBS State Coordinator for Utah and parts of Wyoming and Nevada.  He was later promoted to the position of Western Regional Field Director for eleven western states.

Bliss graduated from Utah State University in 1978. Prior to his service with JBS he owned an investment company which he still owns with his siblings (Tew by 4, Limited Liability Company) and had spent 8-years in hospital sales with a sales territory covering 5-states. He makes his home in Orem, is married and has three children.

In his free time, Bliss likes to cook and family members particularly enjoy his spaghetti and meatballs. He also reads and enjoys conversations on Facebook. Bliss and his family have an African Grey parrot named Rufus who sits on the back of Bliss’ chair when he’s working in his home office. You might hear the parrot talking if you phone Bliss. Bliss enjoys horseback riding and for 15 years owned quarter horses which he rode in mountains and deserts of Utah and Colorado during camp outs, hunting for elk and mule deer, or just exploring.

Bliss has three children and four grandchildren. His only son is soon to be commissioned a 2nd Lt. in the U.S. Army and previously experienced deployments to Kuwait and Iraq. His oldest daughter is a hair-dresser and youngest just graduated from high school. Bliss’ wife works in a local court room for a company that helps people to comply with various court orders.

4 Comments on “Meet JBS Regional Field Director Bliss Tew”

  1. Bob Goldberg says:

    Dear Bliss: A few years ago you came to my class at the University of Utah and spoke about the history, goals, and activities of the John Birch Society. Would you be able to speak to this semester’s class on November 19 at 7:15 for approximately 30 minutes with an additional ten minutes for questions and answers?


    Bob Goldberg


  2. Bliss W. Tew says:

    Dear Professor Goldberg,
    The 19th of November I’m working in Casper, Wyoming for the week. However I am back in Utah the week of November 26-27, taking off Thanksgiving, Nov. 28th and the following day, Nov. 29th as holidays. So I could meet with a class the 26th or 27th.

    Bliss Tew


  3. Margie Brunn says:

    Dear Bliss:

    I’m looking for info on the 55th Anniversary Banquet in Sacramento on Dec 7th 2013 – specifically speakers and topics. Thanks!

    Margie Brunn
    Reno NV


    • Bliss Tew says:


      Please contact Sacramento JBS Speakers Bureau Committee Chairwoman Jan Frelick for information on the 55th Anniversary Luncheon. Here home number is: (530) 885-5321.


      Bliss W. Tew



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