Meet JBS Regional Field Director Dan Sexson

Dan Sexson is a Regional Field Director for JBS, supervising coordinators in the Southeast area of the US. He joined the field staff as a Field Coordinator in September of 1990 for the states of Kansas and Missouri. He is thankful for the caliber of the people he is privileged to work with. He is also thankful for the great patriots he has met during his years on the field staff of the JBS, and looks forward to meeting many more. Dan feels the highlight of the work is being able to shake the hand and welcome new members.

Dan moved into an apartment in Riverside, MO in September 1990, and that apartment was above the apartment of his future mother-in-law, who introduced him to her daughter Jannette in February of ’91. They were married in September of ’91. Thanks to his appointment as Field Coordinator, he is now happily married.

Dan enjoys hunting with his sons, and watching his daughter and sons perform in whatever activity they enjoy. Dan and Jannette are involved in their local church and have as a family and as individuals, (sons and daughter included) participated in many mission trips. Dan studied theatre at Nebraska – Wesleyan University in Lincoln, NE, and Film and Television Production and Direction at CBN (now Regent) University in Virginia Beach, VA.

Fun Fact: Dan is thankful for having been raised on a farm and believes every one should have that experience.

One Comment on “Meet JBS Regional Field Director Dan Sexson”

  1. Ralph Goemaat says:

    Woo! Hoo! Way to go Dan! He is a great guy!


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