Choose Freedom- Stop Agenda 21 with Christian Gomez

On a day to day basis, JBS staff members have many different projects, campaigns, and items they work on, some of them all at once! (or so it seems). We usually have more than one campaign going at once, giving our members as many options as possible to pass on to fellow members or even members in their communities. One of our more recent campaigns has been SYLP. But, one that is not as well know is: “Choose Freedom – Stop Agenda 21.” Agenda 21 is a international agenda from sustainable development organizations who are determined to ration what we do, use, and have; including and not limited to: children, water, and energy.
One of our staff members, Christian Gomez (research associate), has been working extremely hard on this campaign, trying to raise awareness through items such as articles for The New American magazine and pamphlets for our members to distribute. He has been the cornerstone of this campaign so far, often staying way past office hours or working from home to make this campaign the best it can be. Check it out at our Stop Agenda 21 page.

Christian Gomez and Agenda 21

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    Support Christian Gomez and his work to Stop Agenda 21.


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