Updates from the Council Dinner

This past weekend was the Council Dinner in Albany, NY. Attendees had many opportunities to network and share what’s working, what isn’t and what new strategies and tactics they hope to employ to help the Society achieve its many campaign goals.

One of the newer items we have recently added to the Council Dinner weekend itinerary is holding a leadership meeting the Friday night before the main Council Dinner. Local staff and Section and Chapter leaders meet to report on activities, mentioning especially the successes they have. In Albany, Hal Shurtleff, Kip Webster and Kevin McCashion had plenty to talk about. JBS Regional Field Director Hal Shurtleff reported on his wildly successful speaking engagements on Agenda 21. So much so that he has a fully booked schedule for the near future, talking to many concerned groups in the area. JBS Coordinator Kip Webster discussed his members legendary, extensive outreach efforts via appearances at street fairs and other gatherings. For 2011, they hit about 70 of these events! As Kip reported, these events create quite the comradery among the volunteers, as well as give them a great experience in publicly representing the Society. They answer questions, recommend and provide resources, and help to create a personal identity for the Society. New volunteers are recruited, new friends are made, and the Society gets even closer to accomplishing it mission. Kevin McCashion, a local business owner and Chapter Leader, discussed his activities and gave a preview of his presentation that he was scheduled to give during Saturday’s afternoon sessions. He has had success with working with other like-minded organizations. He volunteered his time at our CPAC 2011 booth and did a great job.

The Saturday afternoon sessions saw great presentations from Dr. Aleita Eck, President of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons. She and her husband run a free clinic in New Jersey that does not accept federal funding and is run entirely by volunteers and donations. Charlotte Iserbyt addressed the downfall of American public education, and attorney Gregory Hession presented the trials and tribulations of fighting tyranny in family court. Kevin McCashion then followed with his high energy and entertaining speech. The pinnacle of the event was the Council Dinner, which included the Senior Editor of The New American William Jasper, New York Times bestselling author Jerome Corsi, and JBS CEO Arthur Thompson. William exposed the Southern Poverty Law Center by demonstrating the deleterious effect it has had over the years in defaming and falsely accusing patriotic Americans of “hate.” Jerome discussed his most recent book on the doubts of President Obama being constitutionally eligible, and Art shared how members create layers of strength to have success in their areas, and ultimately in the mission of JBS.

Here are some pictures from the Council Dinner. In one, Dr. Adamson stands next to CEO Art Thompson. Dr. Adamson is the remaining living Council member who was installed on the very first Council by Founder Robert Welch in 1959.

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