Welcome to the JBS Blog!

Welcome to insideJBS, the JBS blog! Our goal is to give you a more personal view of The John Birch Society through our blog posts. We will introduce you to the staff, show you JBS headquarters from the inside, tell you the new and exciting things JBS is doing, and much, much more.

The two main bloggers are the publicist and the web administrator. For those of you who are unfamiliar with JBS and want to learn more, please visit our company website at www.jbs.org. We are looking forward to sharing this new perspective with you!

Please be sure to leave your comments below each new post!

2 Comments on “Welcome to the JBS Blog!”

  1. Gary L. Ervin says:

    I live at 128 16th. st., n. e., New Philadelphia,ohio 44663 ,330 407 0036(ph). I would like to know if there is anyone in my area in the JBS the could/would help me combat a local liberal newspaper that has given me a lot of resistance when I write articles about constitutional issues. No one seems interested.


  2. Richard Hayes says:

    There are plenty of media outlets that simply won’t print anything against the party line. I would suggest sending your letters to several outlets with a note letting them all know the other papers that you sent it to. You may give some one of them a reason to print it before another one does. These letters tend to trigger feedback from other letter writers.


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